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Do some teen girls find sexuality liberating?
A poll once suggested that 60% of British teen girls prefer stripping or glamour modelling as ideal careers, as opposed to being doctors or teachers.

Do you think that it is liberating for them to be sexual or is it simply part of the fame culture and desire to be known?
The latter I believe.
Just as teenage boys more often than not think they would rather be rock stars or star athletes as well. I like to see it as a teenage/adolescent kind of thing more than anything else.
But most everyone thankfully figures what's in store for them by the time they hit 21 or so.
What percent of teen girls hide their sexuality?
I have a 15 year old female friend and whenever I make any sort of sexually related joke no matter how tamed she immediately gets mad and when I made a masturbation joke she got extremely offended even after I told her It was only a joke. There are quite a few girls who behave similar at my school however at my friends school its totally different so are the girls here merely hiding it or are they that different?
Actually, I find those kinds of jokes predictable, tacky, and I usually assume the person telling them has a low intelligence, because they are not clever or entertaining at all. It is annoying for stupid people to assume everyone has their same sense of humor. That's what they are getting annoyed with. You just aren't funny.
Teen girls sexuality: help?????????????????????????
im 15 and a girl, occasionally i think of sex, i get wet dreams and i masturbate sometimes because im afraid of having sex and the risks that come with it especially the damage it could to to me at my age, but i always have a guilty feeling afterwards, that im alone, and i know i shouldnt be doing this, and i cant talk to my mom about it because she had caught me watching stuff one time and it gt really awkward from there, well everytime i have a thought about sex, wether its just to get off or as a daydream i always feel like s**t afterwards what should i ido ?
This is actually really common among girls because society and family tells us we shouldn't think about sex. That isn't true, though. Almost all girls masturbate on a regular basis. It is totally normal. And you are right - you aren't ready for the risks that go along with sex. Until you are, masturbating is a GREAT way to release that sexual tension.

I'll tell you about what I did. My dad always made me feel like sex was a bad thing to think about or find out about or want to do. But I masturbated a lot. I always felt guilty and dirty afterwards. When I was about your age, I realized that sex is a beautiful and great thing to be desired by everyone. Boys are expected to masturbate, but most girls deny they do just to "fit in." Since you aren't ready for sex, masturbation is a great thing for you. Once I realized sex was good, I could enjoy my masturbation and not worry about it. Try to think about that. Seriously, over 80% of girls age 20 have masturbated. They all do. Your mom masturbates, your friends masturbate - everyone. They probably won't talk about it, so don't try. But just realize you are NOT alone.
i am looking for new reads and i am really into books about like teen girls who have substance abuse problems, boyfriend problems, who have been raped, like girls who r kind of messed up or like don't believe in love.
go ask alice kinda had all of those things...
Teen Girls: Did Mom teach you about sex?
I am researching teen sexuality. Girls: Did your Mom have a heart-to-heart talk with you or how did you learn about your sexuality? Did religion play a role in the honesty of your talks or the avoidance of this delicate subject? Did you (or do you) still have questions about certain difficult subjects? (Big Taboo subjects like masturabation are still not discussed, from what Ive been told)
I never have, and never actually plan to talk to my mum about sex. Fact is, I never really felt I needed to, because I taught myself all there was to know. Heck, I probably know more about sex than my mum anyway xD I learnt some of what I know at school and from friends, but the majority I learnt at home through 'research and experimentation' xD
I think I pretty much got the best deal possible; I got to learn everything I needed to know at my own pace, and never had to have any embarrassing 'talks' either!
Confused about sexuality teen girl!?
heey :)
I need some advice!
im still confuzed about my sexuality and i know im still young and whatever..but i haven't really been into girls but recently i've got a new friend thats a girl and i think i like her she is straight though so how do i get rid of these feelings and she is also older..i think some guys are cute though..straight/bi/lesbian!
bisexual definatly
everyone starts finding out who we are as young people thats why you may have only just realised that you are attracted to women aswell as men
Please answer sexuality,bi,straight,les (Teen,girls only)?
I don't have a clue what i am can someone please help me i'm only a teen and i aint looking for stupid answers so.....

i dont know if i'm bi ,straight,les
because i get on with girls way better and feel i can talk around them and i sometimes get thoughts in my head of girls,and i've watched a few videos,(i know i sound like a freak)

but then again i think some boys are so fit and i'd like to go out with them or when i see one,but i've never went out with one before nor a girl,i dont have much celeb crushes like most teens,like zac he's okay but you know hahaha please help me i know i sound stupid and its just im wondering alot!???????????

shy around boys.
like some boys.
never had a bf.
get thoughts in head.?

Lol sorry x
You sound like every straight teenage girl!

You are not a freak at all

Most girls get along better with girls (as friends) and can get turned on by woman's bodies and even porn

but you seem to like boys as possible romantic partners - all this is very common

You are very young - it will all osrt itself out
When guys reach their teen years, do they start to question there sexuality?
Okay, I'm 13 and I am really into girls and could probably never see myself with a guy. Does this mean I'm straight? I for some reason have beginning to start questioning my sexuality. I don't think I would like making out with guys or having sex with them, but I could with girls. Do teens question their sexuality like me, and is it normal? And, am I straight?
Of course it's normal!
All teens question their sexuality at one point or another.
You seem straight (from what you said about not kissing or having sex with guys) but you never know, you may expierment at one point and question your sexuality again.
Parents why do teen girls run to you when they get pregnant?
It's their fault that they got pregnant in the first place. They should not be making bab8es at 14 or 15 and I know parents always talk to their girls about sexuality, so if a girl gets pregnant she should be kicked out and living on tax payers dollars
Staten, even when something is someone's own fault, they still need support. Teens should naturally be able to turn to and trust their parents in difficult situations to help them out. It's good for them to be able to depend on their parents to a certain extent. You're definitely right that they should not be getting pregnant at that age, but it's fine to talk to parents.

Wouldn't you rather the parents take responsibility for the guy that they brought up and help them pay the expenses, rather than your hard-earned money being used on a random person's guy's mistakes? Those tax dollars come from the people, most of whom are not pregnant teens.
What is a great icebreaker for a sexuality discussion?
I am giving a talk to Christian teen girls about sexuality and wanted an attention grabber to start the talk off with... but It can't be too long because I have a time limit of 45min.

Thanks for all your help!
A lecturer of mine gave a lecture on sexual deviation as part of a psychology course.

He would walk into the lecture theater and put a single bright red high heeled shoe on the lectern.

He would then deliver his lecture, everyone listened and waited to find out about the shoe.

At the end of the lecture he just picked up the shoe put it in his briefcase with his notes and left :-)

Everyone remembered his lectures !!!!

You could just use a banana or cucumber and then never mention it during the lecture, it would get them interested pretty quickly :-)

I hope you are teaching them safe sex and how to use condoms. Young women need to know these things today. Information is the best protection and they need to know ALL their options.

Oh yep Teaching them how to masturbate is also really important ! They need to know it is safe and healthy to explore their own bodies and that their bodies are natural normal and healthy.

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