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What are some websites for funny adult games and cartoons?
Not nessasarilly porn, just not like disney stuff.Thank You…
How to work for Adult Swim games (
I love the games on; I was wondering how can I actually become part of the team that helps to create the games? I am trying to go study at a graduate program that teaches new media/creative interactive development such as- web animation, motion graphics, and web games. I also know that Adult Swim/Cartoon Network is owned by Turner Broadcasting system... does anyone know anything else that could be helpful? Thanks!
go to college
Is it bad that I am an adult but I question myself for not playing Pokemon or watching guy cartoons?
It's just that I am a young adult who is still young at heart, but there are other people my age except me who are still watching some guyren's shows, probably like Chowder or Spongebob, as well as playing Pokemon games for the nostalgia. It just makes me question why I even stopped doing these things. I do still play video games and watch cartoons for adults, though, and I do not plan to ever give that up.
Its nothing wrong with that.
Does anyone remember this show on Adult Swim?
It's about a bunch of geeks who basically play tabletop games and what not. I remember they go to a comic book store and are fighting over a special edition comic book or an action figure. One of the people fighting is an over weight guy and does anything to get the money to buy the item in question. I remember it only had like one episode and was on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. Any guesses?
Perfect Hair Forever! >w<
What game commercial comes on adult swim?
i always forget its a gamesite that has many games on it and i have only seen the commercial on adult swim (cartoon network)
Well I could give you a list of gamesites maybe, but it might not just be on Adult Swim only, maybe ut's a rare commercial like once on Adult Swim I saw a commercial for Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1 that I only saw once. Also I saw a commercial for Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 on a channel I was watching one day that I only saw once, too. So here are some gamesites: Blockbuster, Gamefly, Gamespot, and Yahoo Games maybe.
Are there any sites that offer free online decorating games for adults to play?
I like to decorate but all the online games seem tailored for young girls. Are there any that don't look like cartoons and are more tailored for adults?
Take a look at the There are many games on the list and you can often win some free paysafecard so you get a free game in the end.
Do you think cartoon network / adult swim is the best run network right now?
i started watching shows on cartoon network again and actually really like alot of the new shows like adventure time and regular show. not only are they good but there on at times at night where i don't have to wait till 12am to watch. I would argue adult swim and CN are the best run network(s) because of the shows (alot of which are 15 min which is sometime all that is needed), times, commercials (not just because I like the humor but they generally run for a reasonable time and aren't blast volume in your face buy this product commercials), and because its really what i consider an interactive network (where the people through fb, twitter, voting polls, choose what they want to see and can get things like bumps and game scores in commercials. Just wondering what other people thought about the network and if you do not agree with me why not...?
cartoon network is not what it used to be and it sucks now but i will agree with adult swim
What's the name of this cartoon on adult swim?
it's done in 3D, looks like a computer game. the main character is a big black guy with a beak for a nose and blonde hair, and one of his hands is a claw or something. the episodes are usually a little creepy and don't make a lot of sense. i think there was one episode where a cookie factory got mixed up with a tampon factory, so that people were like eating tampons...
Ohhh I love that show!

It's Xavier: Renegade Angel

It's soooo random but funny.
Is it normal for my husband to play video games and watch cartoons on a regular basis?
The video games I can deal with, because he plays Madden football on the Playstation. I have dated several guys who did that. Although I think it's a bit immature, I feel it's justified because they are playing sports games. However, when it comes to cartoons I have never in all my days of life seen an adult watch cartoons like my husband. I mean, I like cartoons myself and watch them from time to time. Especially the older ones like Pink Panther, Flinstones, Jetsons and Tom & Jerry.

But my husband tunes in to Sponge Bob, Dexter's Labaratory, Fairly Odd Parents, and whatever else he can find every single day. He takes his snacks to wherever he's going to watch TV, usually in the living room, and he goes to town. He dunks cookies in milk and still drinks the milk out of the cereal bowl. It's almost like he goes into guy mode or something. He is literally wrapped up in the cartoon too. It's like he's mesmorized with Sponge Bob.

Again, I like cartoons too but gees!
cartoons are fine it increases the imagination and also take you away from the real life problems in your leisure time don't worry
I have a friend that came up and asked if adult toons and games are ungodly?
Adult toons is still pornography. Yes, they may not be real people, but you are still lusting after the thought. This would be similar to imagining a girl in your head. You are still lusting after this woman, she might not exist, but you still have lust.

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